Monday, December 29, 2008

News Roundup: Iran recruiting and IDF actions

News round-up

Iranians register volunteers to fight Israel - the "Combatant Clergy Society" has activated its website for a week to register volunteers to fight either against the Zionist regime (Israel) in either the military, financial, or propaganda fields.

The original call is in Persian on their official website. I've machine-translated from Persian to English. Some of the highlights . . .

"the armed to the teeth Zionist regime victimized innocent people to achieve their evil goals in the Gaza Strip" . . . "Why (tolerate) this corruption? the casualty toll for all human beings rises. For more than half a century the evil have had bloody jaws" . . . There are then seven calls for all Muslims of the world to follow in order to "to solve this global difficulty", #6 of which is "mobilize all Muslims in the world to suicidal operation" In Persian that last is rendered as عمليات استشهادي

5 reported dead in latest IAF strike - the Jerusalem Post puts the Gaza Strip death count at 322 Palestinians, including 57 civilians so far. Recent targets include Islamic University, where IDF says two laboratories used for research and development by Hamas were targeted, as were University buildings used for meetings of senior Hamas officials.

The IDF News site (Hebrew) Objectives that were attacked tonight: Center of R&D of combat materials of the Hammas, warehouses, emplacements and tunnels. Also the office of the head of government for Hammas, Ismail Haniyeh was strafed.

Al-Jazeera's current top headline: Israeli bombardment strikes diverse targets in the Gaza Strip including houses and two mosques

The Israeli Foreign

The Hindu reports: India to release 65 Pak. prisoners tomorrow - in what's being called a "good will gesture" the Pakistani nationals will be sent home via the Attari joint check post per the direction of the Union Home Ministry

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