Thursday, January 1, 2009

Arab world mourns Gaza leader, ULFA bombs in India

Gaza: 400 dead, 1000 injured


The top news story on Al-Jazeera at this time is the death of Nizar Rayyan. The article shows a photo of Nizar, and begins like this:

"Intensified Israeli warplanes raids on Gaza Strip in the sixth day of the aggression, which have led one of them to the martyrdom of leader in the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), Nizar Rayan and 10 others, while the resistance continued rains Israeli towns with rockets. "

The story continues to say that this prominent leader of the Hamas Movement was martyred in his home with four wives and 11 of his sons and grandsons. He is the most prominent leader killed since the beginning of the agression on December 27th. He chose to remain in his home despite knowing that he was specifically targeted.

Rayann was a 49 year old preacher at the mosque in Jabalya known as the "mosque of martyrs".


ULFA Bombs in Guwahati India


Three bombs exploded in the space of three hours as Home Minister P. Chidambaram arrived in Guwahati today. By late evening, five people had died and 35 were battling grievous injuries. Doctors expect the death count will increase overnight.

Police say they are quite certain who the attackers were, and that there were actually 7 explosive devices planted. Government sources say that prior warning allowed the impact of the attack to be diminished.

The bombs are suspected of being the work of ULFA, United Liberation Front of Asom. According to one source, the ULFA is splintering with two "companies" of the ULFA declaring themselves in favor of peaceful negotiations and separating themselves from today's bombings.

Confessions in Pakistan

Meanwhile, Pakistani police have obtained a confession from members of Lashkar-e-Taiba that they were involved in the most recent Mumbai bombings. The confession came after great international pressure from the United States and others for Pakistan to become actively supportive in the investigation.